Development Methodology
Client Speak
We have been very impressed with your team’s knowledge of Oracle and the 24X7 around the clock support.

What sets your company apart is having knowledgeable staff on operating systems in addition to Oracle DB as well as the applications which reduces the need of having several parties in a conference call.

Your company’s approach on keeping the projects cost in-check, in addition to completing the tasks on time, has been flawless.
Nasser Dastmalchi, CIO
Spectrum Lab. Products, Inc.
Development Methodology

Our Development Methodology bring added consistency, control, and quality to every project. Our Project Management supports the use of any systems life cycle, including our client's. Our System Life Cycles offer a means of providing added consistency, control, and quality to every project.

People, Processes, Technologies
We adopted this methodology / approach so that organizations can:

  • Lower the cost of owning technology
  • Create a scalable & reliable technology foundation
  • Speed up development process
  • Manage project risks
  • Improve core IT competencies

Our Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) models define an easily understood, readily applied, systematic approach to software development. Whether we opt for the traditional Waterfall approach or the Iterative model, we take into consideration the project dynamics as well as the nature of the client business model. The phases that evolve over a lifecycle are:

  • Scoping
  • Definition/Assessment
  • Design
  • Development & Testing
  • User Acceptance
  • Deployment

Support & Maintenance

SamaraTech software quality assurance group is committed to sustain quality and will be responsible for reviews,software testing covering unit testing, integration testing, system testing and regression testing where applicable, QA Final Inspection for release, project audits, and metrics analysis. Our quality assurance group will coordinate with the customer during pre-acceptance test and customer acceptance test.

Risk Management

Disciplined Strategies and proactive management
Managing risk effectively is crucial to the success of any project. Our methodology incorporates proactive strategies to ensure a disciplined environment for constant risk assessment throughout the life of a project.

The results of risk management are incorporated into future projects to increase organizational learning and improve risk identification and analysis for future projects.