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- a complete Corporate Travel Solution

Tess360 automates manual and time intensive Travel authorization and Reimbursement process. Tess360 allows users to submit travel authorization requests online.

By using native Oracle HR Hierarchy, Tess360 sends notification to managers allowing them to review and approve (or reject) requests online.

Corporate Travelers can enter their travel expenditures that are related to a specific Travel authorization in Oracle Fusion Expenses. Using this integrated solution will improve the Organization’s travel and expense management process and reduce operational costs.

Tess360 has successfully eliminated travel challenges faced by Organizations.

  • Reduce Potential Delays and Errors in Travel Expense submission
  • Capture Receipts via Oracle Fusion Expense Mobile Interface
  • Matches expenses with the appropriate authorization items
  • Audit each report for exceptions
  • Communicate with employees for missing information/receipts

Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, Mobility, Engineered Systems, Managed Services

Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, Mobility, Engineered Systems, Managed Services


Master Data Management Tool for Oracle EBS

dataM tool helps organizations standardize on processes and policies used to create, maintain and manage data associated with Oracle fusion Apps, Oracle EBS Master data elements such as Customer, Supplier, Items, Price list, Promotions etc. dataM tool handles

  • Defines and maintains master data elements in a repository before transitioning to EBS Application
  • Acquires, cleans, de-duplicates and integrates master data into a central master database.
  • DateTracks and Manages master data hierarchies including a history of hierarchy changes and hierarchy versions
  • Introduces approval hierarchy before master data is synced up with EBS enabling check and balance process.
  • Provides a centralized way to Manage and Create key Master Data elements with effective Approval workflow system.
  • dataM Solution facilitates creation of consistent and uniform attributes and identifiers that identifies the core entities of the enterprise.
  • dataM solution provides organizations a platform to have a governance framework to ensure that individuals manage master data in a structured way.