Identity Management Solution for a children’s hospital

Tech Stack

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The Client

The Client

The client is a children’s hospital in Philadelphia. It is one of the largest and oldest children’s hospitals in the world, and the first hospital in United States, dedicated to the healthcare of children. It is ranked as the best children’s hospital in the United States by U.S. News & World Report and Parents Magazine in recent years.

The Objective

The client had issues with the day-to-day operations of employees like automated access to various application, onboarding, auditing, recertification, identity and access management with cloud applications and dual factor federation with cloud and in-house applications. The client required streamlining of their identity governance module.

The Objective

The Solution


Samara-Tech assessed the technical, execution and strategic loopholes to identify challenges with different application teams and provided the solutions below:

  • Upgrade Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Access Manager to 11GR2PS3.
  • Setting up federation with different cloud application using OAM as Identity provider and ENTRUST as Multifactor adaptive authenticator.
  • Build custom authentication module to support client’s custom needs for multifactor authentication with cloud application.
  • Setting up new HR system (Workday) as new trusted source for OIM.
  • Build custom connector for target application like ServiceNow, Epic, Workday, SuccessFactors etc.
  • Build ADF applications to support Non-Payroll Identity onboarding and approval.
  • Implementation of Oracle Identity Management Processes – user management, account management, Identity Certification and Identity Based reporting and password management.
  • Create BI Publisher report for multiple audit requirement
  • Integrate with OIA for re-certification of identity access.

The Outcome


This identity and access management solution has helped client’s security team to better serve the organization and it led to following results:

  • Reduced day to day manual work related to employee onboarding and access management which in turn reduced dependency on Tech-admins.
  • Operational optimization of Transfer, Termination, onboarding, and Role membership.
  • Meet compliance requirements to ensure patient information is not compromised and all health records are secured with rule-based access management.
  • Improved performance by upgrading to latest version of connector and implementing new connectors for disconnected resources.