Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

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IoT Solutions

With the growing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices have penetrated every aspect of our life, from agriculture, home automation, automotive and logistics, to smart cities and industrial IoT solutions. Thus, it is only logical that IoT technology, connected devices, and automation should find its application in your enterprise and improve nearly every facet of it.

We are an experienced team of professionals with vast expertise and domain-specific knowledge on IoT based solutions. From hardware and sensors to infrastructure, data management, and application development, our portfolio covers all aspects of IoT based solutions development process. SamaraTech combines machine-to-machine communication, the Internet of Things (IoT technology), and a cloud based data platform, for increased automation, improved communication, real time monitoring and predictive maintenance.

IoT based solutions and technologies

Understanding SamaraTech
IoT Solutions

SamaraTech solutions are designed for businesses that aspire to be future ready. The IoT based energy management system; Industrial IoT solutions and other IoT based solutions use innovative embedded digital intelligence to enable real time monitoring, management and predictive maintenance across your deployments. Our IoT-based smart sensor solutions and cloud based server solutions are recognized for data-driven digital service delivery capability, to make you future ready!

IoT Services Components

At SamaraTech, IoT is a platform where we embed everyday things with sensors, and connect software, to the internet enabling it to collect and exchange data. SamaraTech makes IoT communication possible, due to the following components:
IoT Sensors and cloud computing

The Intelligent IoT Monitoring Assistant

The user interface and data analytics platform for our IoT based solutions is an app that collects real-time data for you to drive quality improvements and implement predictive maintenance for enhanced productivity. Our smart real-time data-centric app enables you to keep track of the devices being used, monitor real time energy consumption and machine performance, and analyze your deployment related data…all on a single platform.

IoT based solutions app that collects real-time data

How can we Help you?

With the full-stack expertise, SamaraTech helps you design, orchestrate and amalgamate technologies that drive business success.
Intenet of Things (IoT) Solutions for enterprises

Why SamaraTech IoT Solutions?

The SamaraTech team is well equipped with competent experts, desirable products, and power-packed solutions to be installed at your deployments. Our solutions are highly customizable according to business specific requirements. We take very little time to understand your requirements and configure the solutions to your needs. We specialize in industrial IoT, Machine to Machine communication, Cloud computing, Mobile apps, Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence-based machine learning. Here are some reasons for you to choose SamaraTech: