Delivering Intelligent SaaS Solutions

SamaraTech business solutions shift components of your IT infrastructure and processes out of your physical office and into a network of physical and virtual servers around the world. Our business solutions on SaaS platform are built for process automation, worldwide accessibility, endless flexibility, seamless scalability and unmatched data protection.

TESS360 is our Travel and Expense Management Solution, embedded with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capability. It acts as a virtual assistant for corporate travelers and augments further automation of corporate travel management and travel reimbursement process.

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dataM provides organizations a platform to have a governance framework to ensure that individuals manage master data in a structured way.
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HRSS360 is an agile HR automation solution that integrates HRMS and processes to ensure smooth administration, efficient processing, and easy accessibility to people-centric real time data.

Digitize your day-to-day maintenance tasks using eAM360. It stores all your asset information in one place, enabling you to create detailed maintenance plans and make data-driven decisions about the management and maintenance of your assets.

TESS360 - The Intelligent Travel and Expense Manager

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  1. Eliminate Corporate Travel Challenges
  2. Allowance & Budget Control
  3. Paperless Expense Submission
  4. Integration with CRM, HR, ERP/Accounting systems


Corporate Travel and Expense Management Solution

TESS360 is one of our agile tech solutions on SaaS platform that guides employees through every trip, automates pre-travel approvals, effortlessly populates charges into expense reports, ensures policy compliance, and enables timely expense reimbursement.

TESS360 assists both employees and finance teams with effortless management of travel and related spending.

It streamlines your entire travel and travel expense reimbursement processes while ensuring employees submit policy compliant expense reports.

dataM - Master Data Management Tool
for Oracle EBS


Comprehensive Master Data Management Solution

dataM is cloud-based tech solution that involves people, processes, and systems used to keep the master data accurate and consistent. dataM tool helps organizations standardize processes and policies used to create, maintain and manage data associated with Oracle Fusion Apps, and Oracle EBS Master Data elements.

It reconciles, cleans and synchronizes enterprise master data and code sets for customers, products locations and more.

dataM solution provides organizations a platform to have a governance framework to ensure that individuals manage master data in a structured way.

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  1. Analysis
  2. Modeling
  3. Reporting
  4. Acquisition and Deployment
  5. Repository Management

HRSS360 - HR Automation Software

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  1. Attendance Management / Timekeeping
  2. Employee Self Service
  3. Employee Onboarding Process
  4. Payroll Management
  5. HR Reports and Data Analytics


HRMS solution for automation of HR process!

HRSS360 combines agile core HR functionality with actionable insights and a seamless multi-channel interface. It enables effective communications with frontline workers and remote employees, subsequently fostering employee engagement and productivity.

HRSS360 is a dynamic, SaaS-based HRMS software that can easily integrate with your existing systems, while automating your daily HR functions.

Choose from a bouquet of modules available in HRSS360, and we shall configure your company specific features in the solution provided to you.

eAM360 - Digitize and Plan your everyday
maintenance tasks


Asset Management Tool to automate preventive maintenance and standardize procedures

eAM360 helps organizations standardize the processes and policies used to create, maintain and manage Assets of an organization, like Plant and Machinery, equipments, property maintenance.

With eAM360, you can monitor and manage the status of each piece of equipment in your deployment and your remote assets.

It can capture work order offline and sync with Oracle eAM per schedule or when online.

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  1. Easy and Accurate Data Capture
  2. Preventive Maintenance
  3. Increase Asset Lifecycle
  4. Provide Asset Visibility