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Customer requirements and behaviors, technology, and competition are changing rapidly, and businesses need to continuously develop new products to stay ahead of the market. Product development is the process of building a new product, from ideation all the way through launch. SamaraTech, with its expert software product development services, helps you innovate, develop, and successfully launch new products.

From custom mobile app development services, web application development, SaaS applications, custom projects software, applications, bolt-on tools for ERP applications, plug-ins, IIoT, process automation products to any other requirement that can ease operations and work, SamaraTech helps you convert market opportunity into a successful product.

We specialize in product development services including custom mobile app development services, custom application development services, and SaaS application development services and IoT Product development services for various verticals. Our bolt-on tools for ERP applications, are modules that work side-by-side with the core ERP system and provide supplementary functionality.

Product Development
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With smart features and an unending array of business benefits, cloud computing is the trending technology today, and migration to the cloud is the most beneficial business decision.

Understanding SamaraTech
Product Development Lifecycle

SamaraTech provides outsourced software product development services to design, architect and implement user-friendly and engaging software products. Our software product development services, not only improve the quality of your product but also the overall development process. From initial ideation to research and prototyping, no two product launches are the same. However, we follow a general process that can help you get started with the product development process.

The product development process refers to the entire process required to bring a new product from the initial concept stage through commercialization. Product development begins by determining whether there is a consumer need for a given product.

Once the need is confirmed, competitive research begins. The product development process covers the initial product concept, competitive evaluation, design, prototyping, testing, volume production, and delivery of the finished product to market.

If you are struggling with a product idea or your efforts are not delivering, SamaraTech can help you with innovative ideas and solutions to develop your product and bring it to the market. We follow a series of systemic steps, which are critical to developing a high-quality product and overcome challenges to meet requirements.

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The initial stage of the product development process begins by generating new product ideas. This is the product innovation stage, where we brainstorm product concepts based on customer needs, concept testing, and market research.
This phase plays an important role in overall application development. The overall application design gives each screen through which the user interacts with the application. This includes look and feel, branding, logos, best fit into multiple screen size of devices and others.
Once the issues, identified during Quality Testing are fixed, the application is ready for deployment. As a recommended practice, new application is released to set of users (Beta) who test the new application for a specific time and later it is ready for release to larger audience.
Once the new application is available for use, it may require some support for the initial period. The end user may experience challenges to user application, technical issues, and performance issues. The support team undertakes all issues and fixes them accordingly.

Creating Business Value Through
Innovative Product Development services

Software Product Development Services

Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall is a good product for controlling all databases. It is helpful for auditing the data. When you perform any actions on the databases, they are recorded automatically in the vault. You can work on the collected data to find out exactly what is happening on a database. You can implement database encryption on the databases to control people’s access to the database content.

SaaS Application Development Services

We develop highly scalable and efficient SaaS products based on a multitenant architecture, which can be configured to meet your organisational needs and policies. We incorporate CRM, ERP, HR, accounting, project management, travel and expense management, asset management and several other functions into the SaaS solutions to help you optimize costs, streamline daily operations, and benefit your end-users.

Custom Application Development Services

SamaraTech offers a broad spectrum of custom application development services, from software utilities and plugins to advanced client-server solutions, standalone systems, or browser apps. We deliver high-end, multiplatform product and custom application development services across industry verticals.

IoT Product Development Services

The SamaraTech team comprises of technical experts with industry-specific knowledge and profound expertise to create modern products tailored to your business case. We offer IoT-based software product development services for various industry verticals.

Custom Mobile App Development Services

Our portfolio is replete with successful native/cross-platform mobile solutions and web apps that are white-labeled to be used by businesses across various industries. SamaraTech experts ensure that every application features a personalized user experience, an interactive user interface, intuitive design, easy navigation, and rich functionality.

Bolt-On Tools

SamaraTech provides custom application development services including bolt-on product development for ERP, featuring customer relationship management, product lifecycle management, resource planning, supply chain optimization and more. Bolt-ons are described as “feature afterthoughts.” The benefit of bolt-on products lies in the fact that they can provide extra customization beyond the core ERP suite.
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How can we Help you?

With the full-stack expertise, SamaraTech helps you design, orchestrate and amalgamate technologies that drive business success.
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Why SamaraTech Product Development Services?

Transform your ideas into innovative products, accelerate time-to-market, and gain a competitive edge with end-to-end software product development services from SamaraTech. Built using quality engineering, approaches used to customize mobile app development services, and adherence to agile principles throughout the product development life cycle, out products are adding value to businesses around the globe.