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Custom Product Development Services

SamaraTech develops bolt-on solutions for ERP, which are modules that work side-by-side with the core ERP system and provide supplementary functionality. Our bolt-on features include customer relationship management, product lifecycle management, resource planning, supply chain optimization and more. They are sometimes described as “feature afterthoughts.” Bolt-ons are often touted as a benefit because they can provide extra customization beyond the core ERP suite.

Creating Business Value through our Bolt-on Tools

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We develop bolt-on tools, applications using Open-source platforms, Salesforce, Java, Jdeveloper, Oracle ApEx.
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SamaraTech Specialty Services Case Studies

With smart features and an unending array of business benefits, cloud computing is the trending technology today, and migration to the cloud is the most beneficial business decision.

Understanding SamaraTech
Specialty Services

SamaraTech services for Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall monitors Oracle and non-Oracle database traffic to detect and block threats, as well as improves compliance reporting by consolidating audit data from databases, operating systems, directories, and other sources. SamaraTech foucsses on:

Specialty Services Key Features

Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall (DAM) provides the initial defence for databases and consolidates audit data from databases, operating systems, and directories. A highly accurate SQL grammar-based engine monitors and blocks unauthorized SQL traffic before it reaches the database. Here are a few features:
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Key Benefits

Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall is a good product for controlling all databases. It is helpful for auditing the data. When you perform any actions on the databases, they are recorded automatically in the vault. You can work on the collected data to find out exactly what is happening on a database. You can implement database encryption on the databases to control people’s access to the database content.
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How can we Help you?

With the full-stack expertise, SamaraTech helps you design, orchestrate and amalgamate technologies that drive business success.
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Why SamaraTech Product Development Services?

What differentiates our product development services from others is our scalable, robust software products built using quality engineering, approaches used to modernize apps, and adherence to agile principles throughout the product development life cycle.