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By combining vast industry expertise, data-intelligence, world-class IT services and seamless cloud IT solutions delivery, we’re setting out to prove that it’s time to adopt emerging technologies to make progress. As your digital IT solutions provider, we will be with you at every step of your growth – from initial planning to delivery, and beyond.

100% Success Record

A cent percent track record across diverse sectors and world-class expertise in delivering digital IT solutions using a vast range of technologies. We work hard to never let your systems fail!

On-Time Delivery of Projects

We can ship complex, ambitious development projects at speed and scale with competitive, flexible pricing models. We are on time… everytime!

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Industry Verticals

IT solution for seamless and secure interactions between governments and citizens
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Digital IT Solutions to enable smart cities and achieve higher quality of life
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Solutions to help counties work digitally with less paper, improved intra- and interdepartmental tasks
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Trusted software and support services for educational institutions
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Specailaized Managed IT services offer a host of benefits for judiciary that needs hands-on and proactive IT support.
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IT services to help your medical facility reliably record crucial patient health data and provide better health facilities.
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Deep domain experience to deliver IT services to the financial services and wealth management industry
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Technology solutions to help manufacturers manage product complexities for increased responsiveness.
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Enables retailers to transition from efficiency-oriented solutions to business outcome oriented
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Enables companies with visibility, and auto data capturing to enhance supply chain performance
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IoT based solutions for real time energy monitoring and consumption
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A full suite of business operations & management solutions for hospitality and travel industry
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Campus Management ERP solutions to efficiently manage the complexities
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Efficient supply chain solutions to enable collaborative demand planning and scheduling for pharma and chemical industries.
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Digital transformation of the sector through IoT based efficient management and production solutions
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Helping them to implement and manage the technological solutions to reach their goals without being cost-prohibitive.
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Our Core Values
We have five pillars of strength on which our entire system is built upon:
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Dedicated Team of Professionals

Whether it is managed services or a transformative Oracle Cloud Integration solution, the team of experts leads the process from ideation and concept to delivery, and provides ongoing support through its digital IT solutions network. We are an integrated team of strategists, technologists and designers driven by passion, creativity and a relentless commitment to excellence.

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Our mission is to help enterprises accelerate adoption of emerging technologies and untangle complex business issues. We aspire to create innovative digital IT solutions to ensure client satisfaction and success.


At SamaraTech, we visualize the future to be technology driven and mobility enabled. This gives us impetus to innovative digital IT solutions to boost your business outcomes and accelerate your digital journey.

200+ Customers Serviced till date

It has been our pleasure to serve global clients and have happy customers. We are an IT solutions provider, where client satisfaction is a great compliment and motivation for us.


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