DevOps Managed Services to Accelerate Business Growth

DevOps is more of a methodology and not a technology. DevOps aims to establish the Developments, for product and application development, and streamline Operations, for infrastructure and systems, while establishing mutual understanding and alignment of functions. With DevOps managed services, the sharing of expertise and intelligence is especially vital for long-term business success.
In this blog, we decode the DevOps managed services methodology and how it can help you attain business growth.

Business Agility with Business Process Automation tools

Simply explained, DevOps is about eliminating the silos between development and operations. In a DevOps as a service model, development and operations teams work together across the entire software application life cycle, from development and test through deployment to operations. DevOps methodology automates the collaboration, tools and processes between software development team and IT operations team, to build, test, and deliver the software fast and reliably.

A few of the benefits of leveraging a DevOps culture are:

  • Quick response to changing requirements.
  • Better agility for security
  • Automated quality assurance testing
  • Early detection and mitigation of vulnerabilities
  • Enhanced communication between teams
Benefits of DevOps Managed Services

DevOps Managed Services

The DevOps Managed Services team can quickly and easily identify and resolve business challenges. They minimize the number of failure incidents, which is the average time between the environment failure and downtime. It provides an established iterative process to improve software development lifecycle to enhance quality and agility.
The DevOps complexity associated with determining the application workloads best suited to run on certain platform types, is pushing organizations to embrace managed services. Managed services based on the DevOps model are based on automation, measurement and sharing.

Agile development with DevOps Managed Services

DevOps managed services are the perfect solution for organizations that want to accelerate their DevOps transformation. Enterprises can manage their software delivery foundation centrally by leveraging managed services and cloud infrastructures with DevOps consulting services.

For an efficient DevOps implementation process, you need guided DevOps consultancy services to ensure the following factors:

  • Speed and efficiency
  • Compliance
  • Security

DevOps Managed Services for acerated business growth

Developing and deploying software solutions is overwhelming and stressful. However, with DevOps managed services, you can bring development and operations together for better collaboration and simplification of the development cycle.

DevOps Consulting services for enterprises

DevOps Managed Services from SamaraTech

Unlock the innovation and productivity of your team by leveraging the SamaraTech proven DevOps best practices and DevOps experts. Our DevOps methodologies have evolved over years of on-field work and cover the entire range of DevOps services – from infrastructure architecture to setting up DevOps processes and managed services. We work with you to build the infrastructure code, design continuous integration processes, introduce new ideas and find ways to make your applications perform.

DevOps Assessment

An essential part of our DevOps services, that audits your entire existing infrastructure, current development practices, and pipelines. We further identify gaps, suggest severance, and recommend adjustments.

DevOps Consulting

Based on the assessments, the SamaraTech DevOps consultancy services draw your organization’s DevOps needs. We offer solutions for your business challenges and ensure that your in-house team has the support and guidance it needs to implement them.

DevOps Automation

We identify areas and parts of your product flow that could benefit from automation and design and deploy the right type of automation there. We use a variety of open source & licensed tools to minimize mundane, repetitive tasks, and streamline your workflow.

DevOps Management

Once your delivery pipeline is set-up and automated, our DevOps services also help you monitor, manage, and maintain its processes. Our day-to-day management includes everything from release management and replica environment to continuous deployment and constant performance optimization.

We help you build, implement, and maintain a streamlined DevOps environment that will enable you to create better products, quickly and affordably. Get in touch with our DevOps engineers to begin your DevOps as service journey.

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