Choose the right ERP Solution for your Business – Oracle Cloud ERP

Choose the right ERP Solution for your Business - Oracle Cloud ERP

While technology is clean sweeping manual processes, organizations are constantly seeking ways to streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition. One effective way to achieve these goals is by implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. These systems streamline various business processes, enhance productivity, and provide valuable insights to drive informed […]

Accelerate Business Transformation with Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

Enterprise mobility management solutions for business transformation

Digitization has accelerated the race to stay ahead in business. Business operations need to be progressively digital to flourish in today’s marketplace. Besides going for interactive websites, customer-oriented applications, eCommerce, and online marketing models, organizations are also adopting digital solutions to make their enterprise location independent, for their remote workforce. While there are various approaches […]

DevOps Managed Services to Accelerate Business Growth

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DevOps is more of a methodology and not a technology. DevOps aims to establish the Developments, for product and application development, and streamline Operations, for infrastructure and systems, while establishing mutual understanding and alignment of functions. With DevOps managed services, the sharing of expertise and intelligence is especially vital for long-term business success.In this blog, […]

Business Automation and Process Alignment with SamaraTech Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions SamaraTech

At the speed that technology is invading our lives, every organization today must become a technology business, no matter what product or service it has to offer. Technology boosts business and business drives IT efforts. With continuous and integrated alignment between business and IT, organizations function better, streamline operations, make more profit, and witness better […]

Cloud migration services, benefits and challenges

Cloud migration services, benefits and challenges

Cloud computing has been around for a couple of decades but is now invading the technology landscape like fire. From business to personal communication, cloud services have eased the availability of data and made remote digital connectivity a reality. Your New York office can conduct meetings with the team in India, while the team has […]

SamaraTech: Enterprise Software Solutions

Custom software solution for enterprises

Whether it is a large, small, medium enterprise or a growing start-up, hassle-free technical infrastructure and streamlined business operations are vital to day-to-day functioning. Moreover, the growing challenges due to digital transformations require proper technical guidance and support while integrated systems takeover your legacy systems. You need to appoint IT solutions providers and experts for […]

Managed Services Support for government organization

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Tech Stack The Client The Client This client is an organization created and run by the Government of India along with the state Governments. It is a statutory body under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Government of India. It is one of the largest Corporations in India and probably the largest […]

MS SQL Managed Services Support for a manufacturer

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Tech Stack The Client The Client Our client is a manufacturer of pipe products and tools for the waterworks industry, with headquarters in Bothell, WA, Seattle. It has warehouse and production facilities on the east coast, (near Charlotte, NC), and in the central region (Fort Worth, TX). They offer a line of waterworks products, including […]

Database WebLogic ODA for a US Court

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Tech Stack The Client The Client The client is involved in a wide range of activities and projects affecting judges, circuit clerks, court administrators and other components of the judicial branch of government. This client is responsible for staffing a variety of Supreme Court committees, Judicial Conference committees, and the Conference of Chief Circuit Judges; […]

Smart water meter for individual consumer

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Tech Stack The Client The Client The client site a residential premises in India, which was using both the municipal water and borewell water. The Objective The client required automatic detection of municipal supply of water and thereafter switching on the water pump. The Objective The Solution SamaraTech used the IoT technology to setup an […]