MS SQL Managed Services Support for a manufacturer

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The Client

The Client

Our client is a manufacturer of pipe products and tools for the waterworks industry, with headquarters in Bothell, WA, Seattle. It has warehouse and production facilities on the east coast, (near Charlotte, NC), and in the central region (Fort Worth, TX). They offer a line of waterworks products, including repair clamps, couplings, tapping sleeves, service saddles, HDPE products, sewer products, tapping tools, valve insertion, and restraint systems.

The Objective

  • Client needed an online DB system that would be available 24x7x365 unless there was a planned outage.
  • To enable the environment run smoothly with optimized performance
  • To have daily health check reports of DB system
  • To have SOPs/documentation of each & every activity performed on prod/test which calls for downtime

The Objective

The Solution

  • Implement Industry Best Practice Configurations
  • Optimize performance by Tuning DB level and server level config
  • Setup and schedule regular Backup for Disaster recovery
  • Clone databases from prod env to dev/test env on client ad-hoc request
  • Deployed intelligent DB maintenance weekly basis for good performance during business hours
  • Proactive monitoring process for sanity check of database server
  • Ongoing, proactive patching of DB servers for addressing vulnerability and bug fixes
  • Help protect applications and data and address compliance concerns
  • Update customer periodically with EOL instances and propose to upgrade to latest version to remain compliant and within product support
  • Perform periodic DR drill to test the current DR capability readiness in case of unexpected outage.

The Outcome


The best practices implementation plus managed services to challenges as briefed above improved and enhanced our client’s business in the following ways.

  • Frequent slowness no more a pain now, overall environment performance got improved generously
  • Timely Upgradation to licensed edition saves application from going on longer downtime
  • By setting up T-log backups for prod DB env Point in time recovery of data possible now which was lacking before.
  • Earlier it was difficult to handle the load for both OLTP and reporting tasks. Since high availability deployed, client work is now easy to simultaneously perform both operations without any delay resulting efficient deliveries.
  • Speedy completion of application processes and transaction post tuning help increase sales and develop new markets
  • Application operations are functioning smoothly and with stability
  • Secured environment with periodic implementation of security updates/fixes to help protect applications and data and address compliance concerns
  • Alerting system brought in place for any unplanned outage
  • Regular backups/restore to recover data at any point of time
  • Scheduled weekly DB maintenance – to truly thrive, businesses need upkeep, maintained for smooth business operations during weekdays
  • Remain available to provide 24*7*365 support
  • We provide managed services to ensure success, growth, and customer satisfaction in all respect