Database WebLogic ODA for a US Court

Tech Stack

Oracle Database Appliance
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The Client

The Client

The client is involved in a wide range of activities and projects affecting judges, circuit clerks, court administrators and other components of the judicial branch of government. This client is responsible for staffing a variety of Supreme Court committees, Judicial Conference committees, and the Conference of Chief Circuit Judges; and provides an array of guidance and technical support services to circuit clerks and their staff throughout the year; developing educational programs for circuit clerks and their staff, as well as coordinating the Circuit Clerk Mentor Program.

The Objective

SamaraTech implemented the (Oracle) Engineered System architecture at the client site, after which we were required to set up a team of experts to proactively monitor and ensure optimal performance of the entire tech stack. This included the server hardware, the operating systems, database nodes, network infrastructure, middleware, load balancers, application nodes, proxies, and web servers. Our managed services support was required to provide round the clock support, while ensuring maintenance of environment and evolving security standards.

The Court’s architecture comprised of the following components:

  • Oracle Database Appliance X5-2 (ODA)
  • Oracle ASM Storage Management
  • Oracle Enterprise Database (11g, 12c)
  • Oracle Advanced Security / Transparent Data Encryption
  • Oracle WebLogic Application Server
  • Oracle Forms & Reports
  • Oracle Enterprise Server Management
  • Oracle Application Express
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Oracle HTTP Servers
  • Reverse Proxies
  • Load Balancers
  • SQL Developer
  • Storax Tape Backup Device

The Objective

The Solution

  • Provide on-demand managed IT services and assistance to support the hardware, software, and Oracle database environments.
  • Regularly monitor the health of the database environment and all custom applications.
  • Review the hardware, space assessment, services, security settings, performance and operation, and health of the Oracle environment and applications, reporting their findings to the client.
  • Review and perform system tuning functions for the operating system, virtual management of the application environment, and Oracle tuning system.
  • Provide storage and space management and tuning.
  • Review logs, system utilization, and system trace files & report on trends and observations.
  • Security assessment of data, infrastructure, and unauthorized access.
  • Database Administration support, including support for Oracle compiling issues with applications, user account and security management for the operating system and database applications.
  • Maintenance, monitoring and support of Oracle’s Virtual Machines.
  • Software Upgrades – Major and Minor versions.

The Outcome


The timely renewals of the managed service support contract are an indication that we added business value; and here are some of the reasons how the client benefitted from the relationship: 

  • Quarterly Oracle Database Patching is applied to ensure the environment is performing well and is secure.
  • Technical training to on-site IT staff is provided periodically to ensure the combined team is familiar with new technologies and tools.
  • The managed services support team integrates and tunes essential 3rd party applications.
  • Proactive Security – Best Practice. The client’s environment is proactively “hardened”, and compliant with industry best practices for security.
  • Ability to resolve issues and maintain SLA. Proactive tuning and security reduce the likelihood of issues popping up. Our quick response and accurate resolution have earned us the client’s confidence.
  • Good ROI on ODA Hardware Upgrade. Our cost of system upgrades is priced lower than what Oracle charges.